Imre Müller

1968 - born in Hungary

Jeweler and painter

Two decisive thing was for what he got from his parents, with art direct contact and the travel experience. Through his father, who was an artist colony leader, spent every summer together and " Created " with the artists, who are now players in the Hungarian contemporary art .

There are plenty of exhibits visited as a child and has always been in their house artist friends who come to visit arrived. Writers, poets, sculptors and painters. Originally the painting and shapes attracted most. Traveled so much and soon became acquainted with the works of the great artists. The Paris Gallery, the Louvre, the Pompidou Center, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Vienna, Firneze, museums and galleries. It was a fantastic experience and dominate forever for.

He studied and performed by a jeweler during autódidakta way with pictures. He dreamed constantly paints the jewelry pieces . Pictures will be taken in the Diamonds by the series, which are published on jewelry magazine. jewels more repeatedly published in magazines, and then takes the subject of two interesting jewelry, Herend Royal Batterfly Address and the World " s Most Expensive Snaps address. His works shows in many parts of the world and buy them. Taiwan, Russia, USA, South Korea, Hungary Paint work is slow and expressive world takes special techniques .

Spain moves, lives and works. His paintings are characterized by "abstarakt expressionismus". The second impression decisive than the diamond luster.

Sight due to the colors and the technique of images surface and enter the mystery of the moment. Painting techniques specific to each other -roots layers, in which you can feel the constant movement.

Special and minutiae observed Looking at the images that are almost beszippantják the viewer into the world of the image. The topics vary from art and are growing. There are forms that the mystery and mystery, some popular, evoke the world of graffiti. Most of the pictures one of a series piece.